LET Bootcamps

We host two Boot camps annually – one residential camp in Ibadan which lasts 1-2 weeks during the long summer break and the other a non-residential camp in Lagos which lasts 3 days in December. At these camps, we have immersive, intensive and experiential training and mentoring for teenagers to become tech savvy, entrepreneurial and socially aware leaders.

Skills covered here are in three groups:

  • Life skills
  • Vocational skills
  • Technology skills

Participants engage in critical thinking, collaboration and team building activities.

LET Boot Camp 7 is going virtual!!!

LET Boot Camp’s ability to successfully bring together participants from diverse backgrounds, to share ideas, and collaborate on various relevant projects, creating personal and societal benefit, is one of our many rewarding outcomes of our events. The transfer of skill knowledge, and exposure in these sessions, allows for innovation and endless possibilities.

COVID-19 has revealed the vast inequality that our camp has tried to bridge. Consequently, there’s the argument that if we proceed with a virtual camp, we’ll further disadvantage those without access to technology. 

Seeing that the world is pivoting, this is the time to engage with these young people and hold conversations on how in spite of their circumstances they can reimagine their future and leverage the opportunities available.


We have an exciting 6 day camp put together for teenagers across the world.

At the end of the 6 days participants would have learnt how to:

  1. Solve complex problems from a variety of contexts using appropriate tools 
  2. Communicate professionally in a variety of contexts
  3. Define and articulate core values to align with their purpose
  4. Reflect on past behavior and uses lessons learned to guide present and future actions 
  5. Seek and deliver specific, appropriate, and helpful feedback to self and others