Life Skills Activity Sheet

Life Skills Activity Sheet
February 19, 2019 webmaster

What Do You Really Want for Your Students?

In our educators' capacity development workshops, we engage teachers to think about characteristics and skills teenagers need to have to thrive in the future and also be contributing (successful) members of society.

The responses are always similar: responsibility, respect for self and others, self-discipline, self-confidence, communication skills, problem solving skills, compassion, happiness, and so on.

We all agree these characteristics and skills are important. Then we ask the obvious questions: 'How can teachers say that they don't have time to help children develop these important characteristics and skills? How beneficial are academic skills if children don't have the characteristics and life skills to use them in ways that serve themselves and their communities?'

If you are a teacher interested in developing activities alongside your academic teaching that will help your students hone the above characteristics, then the attached worksheet takes you on a step by step analysis of deciding what you want for your students.

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