Our Programs

Our work is centered across three focal areas:

  • Leadership – We have designed our programs to give young people opportunity to discuss, learn understand and practice servant leadership.
  • Entrepreneurship – There are not enough jobs to go round, however we live in a continent with abundant opportunities.Our programs ensure that participants gain practical experience and skills to be successful entrepreneurs or employees with great entrepreneurial spirit.  
  • Technology – We have dedicated a significant part of our programs to conversations around innovation, creativity, technology trends and skills sessions on coding

LET Bootcamps

We host two Bootcamps annually – one residential camp in Ibadan which lasts 1-2 weeks during the long summer break and the other a non-residential camp in Lagos which lasts 3 days in December. At these camps, we have immersive, intensive and experiential training and mentoring for teenagers to become tech savvy, entrepreneurial and socially aware leaders.

Skills covered here are in three groups:

  • Life skills
  • Vocational skills
  • Technology skills

Participants engage in critical thinking, collaboration and team building activities.

LETi.lab PreVarsity

This is an innovative gap year program by for 15 -19 year olds who have completed secondary school education and are awaiting admission colleges and /or universities. They learn, build their dreams, and develop life and business skills to reach their full potential.

LETi.lab PreVarsity is an investment in youths, providing inspiration, innovation, and technology to build a future for themselves.

The curriculum at LETi.lab PreVarsity provides students with cutting-edge workshops including: Entrepreneurship, Technology, 3D Digital Design and Fabrication, Graphic Design, Arts, and Academic Excellence Secrets and Exam Support.

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Future Readiness Tour

This includes a visit to a number of schools, acquainting them with the future skills highlighted by the World Economic Forum which are required of the future workforce in a changing world. Given the complexity of the world we live in, education can no longer only show young people solutions of the past; it has to equip them with skills to tackle unknown complexities of the future.

These are the necessary skills that are required for the future which must be taught in schools:

  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • People Management
  • Coordinating with Other
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Service Orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Cognitive Flexibility

We also invite field experts across various areas of interests to share their professional experiences with using these skills in their careers and/or businesses.

LET innovation Mobile Lab

L.E.T innovation mobile lab is an innovation programme that offers a fully immersive experiential learning program in design thinking and entrepreneurship for secondary school students. Students participate in real-world projects to develop the core design and creativity and problem learning skills.

This is a paid in-school programme through which we connect with teenagers in a controlled environment.

Innovation Conference

Our goal is to be the foremost driver of innovation in education and see this extend to other sectors in the economy. The innovation conference would gather stakeholders to chart pathways towards driving an innovation culture in the education sector. This conference is scheduled to hold annually.

Teachers’ and Educators’ Boot Camps and Workshops

Educators’ Workshops and Bootcamps are a series of workshops targeted at educators to rethink and re-imagine their classrooms to ultimately improve the quality and relevance of the education our teenagers receive in schools.