Re-Invent (Online Academy)

In the course of our work, we’ve received a lot of requests from young adults in university about having access to the leadership and entrepreneurship training we provide. Hence, we have created this online academy to serve as a community for young adults who are keen to strengthen their career and entrepreneurship journey to learn and share with others from across the world.

Here you will gain access to our world class faculty who are experienced and successful as both professionals in global institutions as well as entrepreneurs.

What we Teach

21st Century Skills

Design Thinking

Maximising your University Experience

Writing and Publishing

How it Works




Benefits of signing up to our online academy

  1. Discover new creative skills
  2. Do lots of offline projects
  3. Watch succinct fun videos instead of long boring lectures
  4. Engage with young people across the globe
  5. Become independent
  6. Give and receive encouraging feedback on projects (peer review)
  7. Build a portfolio of amazing projects
  8. Access to professionals and entrepreneurs in special webinars