Educators’ Capacity Development

Educators’ Workshops and Boot camps are a series of workshops targeted at educators to rethink and re-imagine their classrooms to ultimately improve the quality and relevance of the education our teenagers receive in schools. 

We host these workshops on average of two times every year during the school holidays.

Our upcoming workshop is on April 25th 2019 and the theme is – Teacher Well Being: Missing link to students’ performance

The workshop will take place in Gbagada Lagos.

Registration fee – 5000 Naira per person

Our Guest Facilitators:

This year we are happy to have two seasoned facilitators join us to train educators on the theme.

Shamim Suryavanshi (Ph.D) (facilitating virtually)

With her almost 20 years of experience in the field of learning and development, Shamim specialises in teacher education, whole school development and coaching for organisational and individual growth.

Over the years Shamim has been highly successful in fostering strong partnership with various stakeholders- students, teachers, school leaders, coaches and globally recognised experts in the field of education, comparative education research, coaching and coaching in education across continents!

Shamim has further developed herself as a Professional Coach. Her deep understanding of psychology, learning, management, leadership & personal development enables her to work with men and women across professional and cultural backgrounds.

Toyin Sam-Emehelu

The most deeply etched lessons in life are the ones self-taught or discovered through experience.
This assertion is an apt description of the amazing learning journey that Toyin Sam-Emehelu life is. She has arguably carved a niche for herself as the connoisseur to see for anything in the realm of educational leadership.
Her infectious, high octane and energy packed sessions and presentations have left educators charged for personal leadership and excellence around the globe. Toyin’s obvious passion and ease with which she spreads the gospel of leadership as panacea for lapses in learning is drawn from more than two decades of experience in the education space.

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